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Armstrong J.T. Photograph source Western Mail 6.3.1930 p44

Armstrong, John Taylor

Badock, Clennell Jerrard

G.R.Blundell. Photo source Western Mail 6.11.1924 p33

Blundell, George Robert

Bostock, Percy

Brown, Warren Harward

Burns, Robert

Burton, Harry Pether

Campbell, Charles Aitcheson

Chatfield, Horace Richard (Rechard)

Jack Addis Clarke . Photograph source courtesy Guildford Grammar School Archives

Clark, Jack Addis, Corporal

Connell, Raymond

Crawford, Allan Robert

Cusack, Thomas Donald

Dell, James Robert

Drummond, Norman Brougham

Edgar, Douglas Waldene

Ednie-Brown, Kenneth Erskine

Fry, Charles Jacob Evan

Hartung, Ernest

Gunner George Hardey Johnson. Photo reproduced with permission Habgood family

Johnson, George Hardey

Alfred Johnston. Photograph source Western Mail 26.4.1918

Johnston, Alfred Lawrence

H.A. Kingsbury 1916. Portrait. Photographer Dease Studios . Image reproduced with permission SLWA 153044PD

Kingsbury, Harold Arthur

Knight, Frederick Wanklyn

Liddle, Roy Monteith

Linton, James

Mather, Leslie Garnet

McKenzie, Hugh James

O'Grady, James

O’Grady, James

Partridge, Walter Stephen