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The information on this website has been made available in good faith by the Guildford Association Inc. (henceforth referred to as ‘The Association’) and has been derived from sources believed to be accurate and reliable.

In some cases data has been conflicting and every effort has been made to ensure accuracy by use of additional sources. It is up to the reader or user of the site to make a decision as to the accuracy of the data.

 Service histories detailed are comprehensive summaries and  not intended to be complete, but rather a short representaion. 

Material on the website includes links to some external websites. It is not possible for ‘The Association’ to control such links and the reader must make assessments as to their accuracy.

‘The Association’ shall not be responsible for loss, damage or injury, however caused, by unlawful use, omission or from reliance of use of this data or information from this site.

This website may suffer from change of circumstances beyond the control of ‘The Association’, that may affect future accuracy eg malicious vandalism of the content. No assurance can be given as to the accuracy of the document after publication.



The Guildford Association welcomes additional information, including data and photographs that may expand this site. Corrections to data must include a reliable information source or other documentary evidence and should be forwarded to us using the form on the contact page of this website.



This website is operated by the Guildford Association Inc.

It has been developed with funding by a Federal Grant through the Department of Veterans Affairs, as part for the Centenary of ANZAC Commemorations.

Use of this website, including materials and contents is governed by copyright, disclaimer, privacy and accessibility statements. Your use of this site signifies your acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions.



The Guildford Association would like to acknowledge the many people who have assisted with the development of this site and apologise for any omissions of names of persons or agencies. We would like to acknowledge Mr. Ken Wyatt (MLA) Federal Member for Hasluck, the staff of the National Archives of Australia , the Australian War Museum, the  State Records Office WA in particular to Mr. Peter Di Marco, Staff of the Battye Library, LISWA and Mrs Rosemary Waller of the Guildford Grammar School Archives. The Guildford Association’s research team was led by Mrs. Barbara Dundas and included Mrs. Beth McKechnie, Ms. Rachel Squire, Mrs. Kathryn Stephenson and Ms. Caroline Truda.

The Association is indebted to the generous time and material made available by the families of the servicemen included in this site and to the home owners who have agreed to particpate in this project. The support of the Guildford community as a whole has provide support, motivation and encouragement in the development of the  project

This project has been developed together with Poppy Plaques designed by graphic designer Ms. Steph. Holmes and presented to the many residents of Guildford. To all these people we thank you for your support and cooperation. The IT team included Mr. Andrew J. Holmes who worked on the data base and provided the early advise and support. Appreciation is also extended to Mr. Malcolm Bull and his team at Spring Web Design Solutions, for bringing this project through the design stages to its conclusion.