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The list below details many of the abbreviations used in the text, detailing the military history of the Anzac Soldiers and reference sources.

A/ Acting or Assistant (as in A/ Corporal for Acting Corporal)
AAH Australian Auxiliary Hospital
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps
AANS Australian Army Nursing Service
AASC Australian Army Service Corps
ADBD Australian Divisional Base Depot
ADH Australian Dermatological Hospital
AFA Australian Field Artillery
AFC Australian Flying Corps
AGH Australian General Hospital
AIBD Australian Infantry Base Depot
AIF Australian Infantry Forces (WW1)
ALTMB Australian Light Trench Mortar Mattery
AMTMB Australian Medium Trench Mortar Battery

AL Rwy

Australian Light Railway (also shown as ALR)
AMGBD Australian Machine Gun Base Depot
AMTS Australian Motor (or Mechanical) Transport Service
AN Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Forces
ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Arty Artillery
ASC Army Service Corps
ASH Australia Stationary Hospital
AWM Australian War Memorial
AWOL Absent without leave (also shown as AWL)
Bde Brigade
Bdr Bombardier (equivalent to a corporal in the Artillery)
BEF British Expeditionary Forces
BGGS Brigadier-General, General Staff
BGS Brigadier, General-Staff
BGROC Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
Bn Battalion
Brig Brigadier
Brig Gen Brigadier-General
Bty Battery
BWM British War Medal
Cptn Captain
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
CFS Central Flying School
C-in-C Commander-in-Chief
CL CCasualty List
CMF Citizen Military Forces
CO Commanding Officer
Cof I Court of Inquiry
Col Colonel or Column
Con Dep Convalescent Depot
Conv Convalescent
Coy Company
CP Command Post
Cpl Corporal
Cps Corps
CQMS Company Quartermaster Sergeant
CS Chief of Staff
CSM Company Sergeant Major
Cyc Cyclist
CSO Chief Signals Officer
CU Communications Unit
DAH Disabled Action of the Heart
DAC Divisional Ammunition Column or Divisional Artillery Column
DAH Disordered Action of the Heart- term used to describe  Stress Syndrome(PTS) as opposed to physical disorder VDH
DC Detached Commander
Dec Deceased
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal or District Court Martial
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
Dis Discharge
Div Division
DMT Driver Motor Transport
DO Daily Orders
DoW Died of Wounds
DS Direct Support (Artillery)
DSC Divisional Supply Column
DSO Distinguished Service Order
Dvr Driver
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Forces
Emb Embark
Engrs Engineers
FA Field Artillery
FAB Field Artillery Brigade
F Amb Field Ambulance
Far Farrier
FCE Field Company Engineers
Fd Field
F-Lt Flight Lieutenant
F/O Flying Office
Frac Fractured
FTS Flying Training School
GC Good Conduct Badge
GDD General Details Depot
GHQ General Headquarters
Gnr Gunner
GDD General Details Depot
GOC General Officer Commanding
GSR General Service Regiment
GSW Gun Shot Wound
GSO General Staff Officer
HAG  Heavy Artillery Group
HBG Heavy Bombardment Group
HMAS His/Her Majesty’s Australian Ship
HMAT His/ Her Majesty’s Australian Transport
HMS His/Her Majesty’s Ship or Service
HMT His/Her Majesty’s Transport or Troopship
Hosp Hospital
HOW Howitzer
HQ Headquarters
HT Hired Transport or Horse Transport
ICC Imperial Camel Corps
Inf Infantry
Inf Bde Infantry Brigade
KIA Killed in Action
L/Cpl Lance Corporal
L/ Sgt Lance Sergeant
LGROC Light Gauge Railway Operating Company
LH Light Horse (used with Regiment or Brigade)
LHFA Light Horse Field Ambulance
LHTR Light Horse Training Regiment
LISWA Library and Information Services Western Australia
LMB Light Mortar Battery
LMG Light Machine Gun
Lon Gaz London Gazette
Lt Lieutenant
Lt Cdr Lieutenant-Commander
Lt Col Lieutenant-Colonel
Lt Gen Lieutenant-General
MD Military District
Maj Major
Maj Gen Major-General
MC Military Cross
MD Military District
MDS Main Dressing Station
MEF Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (Gallipoli)
MG Machine Gun (Company or Squadron)
MI Marched In
MO Marched Out
MIA Missing in Action
MiD Mentioned in Despatches
MM Military Medal
MO Medical Officer
Mtd Reg Mounted Regiment
NAA National Archives Australia
NK Not KNnown
NLA National Library of Australia
NYD Not yet Determined
OTS Officer Training School
OUT Operational Training Unit
PB  Permanent Base- term used when a soldier could not manage active service in the field
P&S Plaque and Scroll (Deadman’s Penny)
Pns Pioneers
POW Prisoner of War
Pte Private
PUO Pyrexia (fever) of Unknown Origin
RAA Royal Australian Artillery
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
RBAA Reserve Brigade Australian Artillery
RB Reserve Brigade
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RAGA Royal Australian Garrison Artillery
RMT Unit Remount Unit
RSD Railhead Supply Depot
RTA Return to Australia
Sig Signals
SNLR Services no longer required
SN Service Number
SS Shoeing Smith
SSQM Shoeing Smith Quarter Master
SW Shrapnel Wound
Sqn Squadron
T/ Temporary (as in Temporary Corporal)
TB Tuberculosis
TMBty Trench Mortar Battery (with prefix L-Light, M-Medium, H-Heavy
TOS Taken on Strength
Tp Troop
Tpr Trooper
Tun Coy Tunnelling Coy
VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment
VC Victoria Cross
VDC Volunteer Defence Corps
VDH Vavular Disorder of the Heart- a physical disorder as opposed to disordered action caused through stress or trauma (psychosomatic)
Vet Sect Veterinary Section
VM Victory Medal
VM Victory Medal
VO Voyage Only (temporary rank)


ForFurther References see:

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