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Q1. Does the data base represent all the soldiers who lived, worshipped or were educated at Guildford?

A. No. The data base represents the soldiers who had a friend, colleague or family member who could represent them and in some cases pay to have their name placed on an Honour Roll or Memorial.


Q2. Does the data base give a complete military history of each soldier?

A. No, the data base gives a summary of the main events as derived from their military records. These records are limited to transfers between battalions, movement between destinations, hospitals etc.


Q3. Which soldiers on the data base have Anzac homes?

A. The soldiers on the database who have homes in Guildford that have been identified, are still standing and owners are in agreement with the identification of their homes form the Anzac homes. These are identified on the website with a poppy symbol adjacent to the soldier’s name. All soldiers with Anzac homes can be found in the data base, but not all soldiers on the data base have Anzac homes.


Q4. Can further details be obtained on a soldier?

A. Yes, further information can be obtained by using the Information Source listed below the military record.


Q5. Is information on the website subject to copyright?

A. The information in the military records is in the public domain and can be used without copyright restrictions, however, some photos have been identified as belonging to an individual and the property of that party; these images is cannot be copied or used without the owner’s permission.


Q6. Are all the soldiers’ histories suitable for teaching purposes?

A. An image X has been placed next to soldiers’ names, where a history provides an interesting teaching case study, eg includes a range of documented experiences, battles, events etc.


Q7. Where do I find an explanation for abbreviations in the Database?

A. Frequently used military abbreviations in the text, can be found in expanded form on page X, section XX.??


Q8. I have a different date or spelling of an event for a soldier to that on the database. Which is correct?

A. Military records contain many discrepancies in dates and spelling. The data base provides the preferred option, determined by reviewing other records. All information is provided in good faith however no guarantee of complete accuracy can be given.


Q9. I have additional information, corrections or photos, where can I send them?

A. The Guildford Association welcomes additional material and documented corrections. Please forward information to the email address given in Contacts or send to: Guildford Association Inc. PO Box 115, Guildford. WA 6935.


Q10. Can I enter a property displaying an Anzac Plaque?

A. No, properties displaying an Anzac plaque are not open to the public and entering those properties without the owner's permission is an act of trespass.