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J. G. Barker. Photo source Barker family, image courtesy SGHS PH2000-001

Barker, John George

Captain Charles Albert Barnes. Photo source AWM H06059

Barnes, Charles Albert

Cpl Gordon Howard Barnes. Photo source AWM H06726

Barnes, Gordon Howard

Beasley, Robert Guildford

Private Ernest Bingham 48th Bn. Photo source Western Mail 13 10 1916 p28

Bingham, Ernest

Cpl. W J. Clark. Photo source Sunday Times. Photo source  15.1.1916 p17

Clark, William John

Crossland, Royden Charles

Davis, Frederick Charles

Driver Reginald Davis. Photograph reproduced with permission of Hesperian Press. 2014 p82

Davis, Reginald

Pte Walter Herbert Davis SN 5862. Image reproduced with permission from Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire (Facsimile Edition 2014) Hesperian Press 2014

Davis, Walter Herbert

Davis, William Charles (Charlie)

Dixon, James Jeffrey

Drew, Frederick

Cptn. Thomas Donald  Graham WW1. Reproduced courtesy Gull Collection

Graham, Thomas Donald

Green, Frederick Lawrence

Harper, Gresley Tatlock

Tpr. Wilfred Harper. Photo source J.Hamersley, image courtesy SGHS PH2000-185

Harper, Wilfred Lukin

Hayward (Alias Ward), John (Jack)

Honey, George

Pte. L.W. Jones. Photo source Western Mail  22 9 1916

Jones, Lionel Walter

Pte. William M.S. Kennedy. Photo source The Sun Kagoorlie 24.9.1916 p 6

Kennedy, Andrew Riddell

Kirkbride, Sidney Harold

Pte. H.E. Lovell. Photograph source Sunday Times 3.12.1916 p6

Lovell, Harry Esh

Dudley Lukin 10th Light Horse c 1914.Portrait.  Photograph sourced SLWA 6802B

Lukin, Dudley (Bob)

Lukin Lionel Roy. Photo source slwa Pictorial Collection 6803B

Lukin, Lionel (Dick) Roy

Marshall, Robert

L/Cpl. L. R. Masters. Western Mail 27.9.1918 p19

Masters, Leslie Ronald

Cpl. Reginald William Masters. Photo Source AWM P03552.002

Masters, Reginald William

Tpr. Ivanhoe McCarthy. Photograph source Western Mail 27.8.1915 p1

McCarthy, Ivanhoe Ernest Lionel Vivian

McDermott, Alfred George