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Bax, James Edwin

Berry, Henry McPherson

Brede, Horace Bertram (Bert)

Brede, W R . Photograph image sourced from the Western Mail  23.7.1915 p5

Brede, William Robert (aka William Robert Owen)

Brockman, Geoffery Slade

Cpl. W. C. Brown . Photograph sourced from the Western Mail 28.7.1916 p28

Brown, William Charles

Coe, William Courtney

Cook, Claude Lorrain Colin

Cox, William James

Dunn, Percival Francis

Ferguson, James Maxwell

Harper, Gresley Tatlock

Harold White Harper. Photgraphic source unknown

Harper, Harold White

Tpr. Wilfred Harper. Photo source J.Hamersley, image courtesy SGHS PH2000-185

Harper, Wilfred Lukin

Hyatt, Montague Charles

 L/Cpl.Sidney Johnston. Photograph source Western Mail 26.4.1918 p5

Johnston, Sidney St. Muir

Dudley Lukin 10th Light Horse c 1914.Portrait.  Photograph sourced SLWA 6802B

Lukin, Dudley (Bob)

Geoffrey Lukin 10th Light Horse c1915.Portrait. Photo reproduced with permission P.Sullivan

Lukin, Geoffrey Harper

Captain William McIntosh Lyall. Photo reproduced with kind permission of J. Lyall

Lyall, William McIntosh

Tpr. Ivanhoe McCarthy. Photograph source Western Mail 27.8.1915 p1

McCarthy, Ivanhoe Ernest Lionel Vivian

Mitchell, Thomas Bedford

Trumpeter E.C. Myers 1915. Portrait. Photo source Sunday Times 17.10.1915 p1

Myers, Ernest Charles

Cptn.Vernon Frederick Piesse. Photograher unknown, photo source P. Sullivan

Piesse, Vernon Frederick

Col. John Thomas Todd 1918. Portrait. Photographer unknown, photograph sourced from AWM B00812

Todd, Thomas John (Marr)

 James Albert Wilkerson.Photo reproduced with permission of Hesperian Press 2014 p 231

Wilkerson, James Thomas

James Wilkerson. Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire.  Facsimile Edition. Sourced and reproduced with permission of Hesperian Press, Victoria Park. 2014. p231

Wilkerson, James Thomas