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Barnes, John Viveash

Cleverley W.R J. Photograph sourced and reproduced from the  Daphne Gill Collection courtesy C. Warren

Cleverly, Henry (Harry) A

Lieut. G. S. Compton 1917. Photographer unknown, photograph reproduced with permission of P. Mitchell

Compton, George Spencer

2nd Lieut. Lionel Ernest Cooke c1915. Photo source AWM DAD0007

Cooke, Lionel Ernest

Cotterell, John Hubbard

Cotterell, George Edward

Darlot, Oswald Henry (Harry)

Garnsworthy, Stanley Youlden

Cptn. Thomas Donald  Graham WW1. Reproduced courtesy Gull Collection

Graham, Thomas Donald

Cptn. Harold Allan Hamersley. RFC.Photo source ' A Fleeting Peace' website

Hamersley, Harold Allan

Hill, David Clarence John

Hillman Herbert Ralph. Photograph from Helen B.Huelin Collection, photograph source Hillman family

Hillman, Herbert Ralph

Lukin, John Hall

McDermott, Alfred George

Mills Stanley Joseph, Image courtesy Fremantle Library History Centre [No.2171C]

Mills, Stanley Joseph

Mountain, Arthur Henry Torres

Lieut. John Howard Hastings Napier. Photo source V.Napier

Napier, John (Jack) Howard Hastings

Eric John Quirk 1937. Photo source TableTalk Vic. 15.4.1937 p6

Quirk, Eric John

Read, Bertram Oswald

Read, Charles William

Lieut J.V. Roebuck. Portrait. Photographer unknown, photograph source AWM C03353

Roebuck, James Vernon

Lieut. Clive Shenton front left, with 1st Division Trench Mortar Bde 1918.Portrait. Photograph source Western Mail 26.4.1918

Shenton, Clive Myrell

Gordon A F Smith. Photograph sourced from  the Sunday Times 13.2.1916 p1

Smith, Gordon Arthur Friend

Ernest Whiteman. Photo source Western Mail 12.1.1917 p1

Whiteman, Harold Ernest