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Crossland, Royden Charles

Cptn. S E. Evans. Photo source Sunday Times 15.1.1922 p8

Evans, Sidney Ernest

L/Cpl. W. A.Gerloff. 3rd FCE. Photo source Western Mail 23.7.1915 p26

Gerloff, William Arthur,

Spr. E.A. Gray. Photo source Western Mail 16.7.1915 p5

Gray, Edwin Allen

S.R. Hardwick. Photographer Bartletto Studios Perth, photograph source 'The Cyclopedia of Western Australia', Vol. 2.(1912). Battye J.S. Facs Ed(1985) Image reproduced with permission of Hesperian Press

Hardwick, Roy Stanley

Minton, John Percy

Sgt. M.S. Shenn. Photo source Western Mail 16.7.1915 p5

Shenn, Martin Stanley Alfred