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Turner, Walter Thomas

Tpr. D. H. Viveash. Photographer unknown, photograph reproduced with permission of P. Sullivan

Viveash, Donovan (Don) Henry Roy

Walker, David

Goerge Lavell Walsh.  Photo reproduced with permission of Hesperian Press 2014 p81

Walsh, George Lavell

Sgt. H. W. Walsh. 3rd FCE.  Photo source Daily News 14 9 1915 p4

Walsh, Henry William

Walter, William Keith

Walters, Reginald James

Pte. Richard Waltham. 28th Bn. Photo source AWM H06784

Waltham, Richard (Dick)

Watt, Charles (Evan) William

Watts, Keith Everard. Photograph source Western Mail 17.12.1915 p23

Watt, Keith Everard

Pte. Francis Renard Weetman.  Facs Ed. Reproduced with permission of Hesperian Press 2014  p36

Weetman, Francis Renard

Wicks, Ernest

Wilkerson Ernest . Reproduced with permission of Hesperian Press 2014 p 231

Wilkerson, Ernest

Sapper Gordon T.R. Wilson is one of the two soldiers 1915. Photographer Darge Studios Broadmeadows,Melbourne,Vic. Photograph source AWM DA09484

Wilson, Gordon Thomas Robert

Cpl. Norman Stanley Wilson.Photo source AWM H06746

Wilson, Norman Stanley

Bdr. Witham W.G. Photo Source National Bank of Australasia Record of Service of Bank and Staff 1914-18 p162

Witham, Walter Graham

Pte. John Edward Withnell. POW at Dulmen 1918. Photo source AMW P03236.08

Withnell, John Edward

Withnell, George Harold

Woodman, Gerald Charles

Harry Charles Wrightson. Photo source unknown

Wrightson, Harry Charles

Pte. Harry Leslie Yates. Photo source Western Mail 8.9.1916 p23

Yates, Henry Leslie (Harry)