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Lewis, Alfred Henry (Harry)

Linton, James

Lovell, George William

Pte. H.E. Lovell. Photograph source Sunday Times 3.12.1916 p6

Lovell, Harry Esh

Dudley Lukin 10th Light Horse c 1914.Portrait.  Photograph sourced SLWA 6802B

Lukin, Dudley (Bob)

Lukin, Guy Clifton

Lukin Lionel Roy. Photo source slwa Pictorial Collection 6803B

Lukin, Lionel (Dick) Roy

Lyons, Herbert William

Col. Charles Henry Ernest Manning. Photographer unknown, photograph source The Telegraph  20.7.1928 p17

Manning, Charles Henry Ernest

Marshall, Robert

L/Cpl. L. R. Masters. Western Mail 27.9.1918 p19

Masters, Leslie Ronald

Cpl. Reginald William Masters. Photo Source AWM P03552.002

Masters, Reginald William

McCall, Arthur Ernest

Tpr. Ivanhoe McCarthy. Photograph source Western Mail 27.8.1915 p1

McCarthy, Ivanhoe Ernest Lionel Vivian

Pte.Walter Robert James McGuiness. Photo source courtesy Phil Sullivan

McGuiness, Walter Robert James

Miller, Sydney

Montgomery, A.M.P. with 28th Bn Officers 1915. Photographer E.L. Mitchell, photograph source Western Mail 11.6.1915 p6

Montgomery, Alec (Alexander) Marion Payne

Montgomery, Albert Barr

Moore, Jesse David

Moore, Newton

Moore, Sidney (Sydney)

Morrison, James de Burgh

Ulick de Burgh Morrison. Photograph by Richard, photograph source unknown, courtesy SGHS PH2000-170

Morrison, Ulick Alexander de Burgh

Munday, Henry (Harry) Stephen

Lieut. John Howard Hastings Napier. Photo source V.Napier

Napier, John (Jack) Howard Hastings

J. Nielsen. Photograph source Daily News 12.9.1916 p7

Nielsen, John Rowe

A.L. Ogden. Photograph source Western Mail  10.9.1915 p4

Ogden, Albert Lance

Ogden, Errol

Palmer, Alan Herbert

Palmer, Walter Henry