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Fryer-Smith, Richard

Goss, Edmund Dryden

Pte. Samuel Graham. Photo source Western Mail 23.7.1915 p6

Graham, Samuel

Grant, Duncan

Pte. L. J. Gray. Photo source Western Mail 16.7.1915 p5

Gray, Leslie James

Green, Charles William

Cpl. Green G.S .National Bank of Australasia War Record of Bank & Staff . Melb.Osbaldstone & Co. 1921 p2

Green, George Spencer

Grieve, Henry Robert Crichton

Cptn. Harold Allan Hamersley. RFC.Photo source ' A Fleeting Peace' website

Hamersley, Harold Allan

Hillman Herbert Ralph. Photograph from Helen B.Huelin Collection, photograph source Hillman family

Hillman, Herbert Ralph

Hyde, Harold Stanford (Harry)

Ick, Henry Edwin

James, Oswald

Jecks, Alec Charles (Charlie)

Johnson K.L. Image from WW1 Pictorial Honour Roll Tasmania, sourced from joh.html

Johnson, Keith Littlewood

Jones, Harry Waters

Jones, Wilfred Dray

Francis Joseph Kellow WW1. Portrait. Photographer unknown, photograh source reproduced with permission of Kellow family

Kellow, Francis Joseph

Kelly, William George

King, Albert Edward

P. Kingsbury. Photo source Swan Express 9.3.1917 p5

Kingsbury, Percy Frank

Klemm, Otto Max Paul

Larkin, Henry (Hewey)

Pte. E.J. Luke. Photograph source Sunday Times 25.7.1915 p6.

Luke, Edward John

Masters, Cornelius Edward

Maxfield, George Edgar

McHugh, William A

Mills Stanley Joseph, Image courtesy Fremantle Library History Centre [No.2171C]

Mills, Stanley Joseph

Minchin, Lionel James

John William Beverhoudt Moore. Portrait. Photo source Eccles collection.

Moore, John William Beverhoudt